Survival Swim South of the River      

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This program offers many great benefits:

Parents have peace of mind that children have reliable water skills IF they were to get to water unseen and unheard - children can swim or float for those few seconds you may not have realised they were missing;

Their swimming progress is far accelerated beyond what they will get from any other program and they achieve these skills in weeks compared to years;

Because children get skilled so quickly, you save a lot of money on swimming lessons paying for term after term and seeing little results for your money.  Two real life examples:

Mrs W spent $1,400 over 2 and a half years yet her son was still not safe around water. After 2 years in lessons, he had a bad experience with a buoyancy vest on and had to be rescued by mom.  Mrs W has given up and will wait for her son to go to school and hopefully learn to swim then. 

​Mrs F, on the other hand, spent $750 and her son could swim and float completely unassisted in just 6 weeks.  Mrs F now spends $22 a week making sure her son maintains his skills and improves his swimming ability.  When he goes to school swimming, it will likely be straight into Stage 3 or 4 - and he doesn't need a buoyancy vest to enjoy the water!

Perth has many lovely beaches, rivers, lakes and swimming pools - every child (and adult!) needs to know how to cope if they made it to water unseen and unheard. 

Hear from other parents why they chose Survival Swim for their family, and how it compares to other learn to swim programs.

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Discover the Difference.

SWIM•Float•SWIM!℠ is an extraordinary program . Your child will learn life saving aquatic survival skills in just 3 to 6 weeks! This is possible because our certified Infant Aquatic Survival℠ instructors give each student one-on-one attention and use proven methods of child aquatic safety. We not only teach babies as young as six months to safely float. We also teach children up to twelve years to develop strong swim strokes. No other system has such quick, consistent results.