Survival Swim South of the River      

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Welcome to Infant Aquatics, Perth. 

When Stacy saw an 8 year old panic in deep water and wait for her to rescue him even though he was in arm's reach of the pool edge, she realised how futile lessons can be - the saddest part is that this child had been in lessons more than 3 years at his local swim school.  

Discover the Difference - Infant Aquatics teaches children how to swim and float for survival so they know what to do if they ever ended up in water unseen and unheard. Children get skilled in weeks, not years. Survival Swim Instructor training entails 160 hours of hands-on work in the water with over 200 children aged between 8 months and 9 years. Survival Swim Specialists also study the theory-side of child development and child psychology. Stacy has been teaching swimming in Perth since 2007 but learned more in 4 weeks with Infant Aquatics than she learned in 7 years of teaching in Perth.

Infant Aquatics Network has over 70 trained Instructors saving lives worldwide, one child at a time. Every Instructor is passionate about teaching children to love water and to be safe in and around water.

Sadly one child under the age of 5 drowns in Australia every week - and many others suffer permanent injuries as a result of near drownings.  Every drowning is preventable and children skilled with our effective drowning prevention skills go on to become above-average little swimmers who love the water and revel in their success.