(start any time from 6 weeks through to crawling/rolling stage)

Pre lesson water introduction

This weekly group splash, play and learn swim program is a 20 minute group class for younger infants and their parents/caregiver. It is instructor directed, but parent taught and is the perfect way to acclimate infants to the water while introducing water safety skills. Infants will learn to balance in the water and be introduced to back floating in preparation for private Infant Survival lessons.

$22 per lesson, payable by term or part term.

Enrolment Process

Enrolments are continuous throughout the year as there are always children finishing the program and making room for new students. 

Call Stacy to discuss what spots are free and we will schedule the lessons you can manage.  

Willetton (all year round, school terms only)

11.00 am to 2.00 pm every day except Fridays

Registration:  Once off fee of $50

Infants who are crawling to approximately 15 months learn to swim and rollover to float:

$600 full course fee for as many lessons as it takes

(or $300 for the first 10 lessons, then $30 per lesson to a max of $900)

Walking toddlers to 6 years learn to swim, float, swim:

$750 full course fee for as many lessons as it takes

(or $300 for the first 10 lessons, then $30 per lesson to a max of $900)

(All fees are exclusive of GST.)

The course is most effective when you bring your child to every scheduled lesson.  The only time they should ever miss a lesson is if they are sick and unfit to attend. 

The more days you can attend, the quicker the course can be done - we aim to do that within 8 weeks at most.

This program teaches toddlers and younger children the swim-float-swim sequence. Children will learn to swim a short distance with face fully submerged, to roll onto their back to float and rest whenever they need to breathe, and to flip back onto their tummy to continue to swim to safety while fully clothed. The swim-float-swim sequence serves as the foundation for future stroke development and prepares our students to advance into our group lessons. Lessons are one-on-one, up to 5 days a week, 10 minutes long.

No refunds - when you sign up for this program, please know that you are committing to an amazing program and you need to allow your child to complete their lessons.

Infant Aquatics, Perth drowning prevention swim lessons will have your child swimming and floating in weeks, not years.

The Next Step

Once your infant, toddler or child has completed our aquatic survival swimming program, we encourage you to continue with our group classes. These classes are designed to strengthen skills acquired in private swimming lessons and teach your child that the water is a wonderful place to have fun.

At Infant Aquatics Perth, we view water play as a healthy component to the physical and emotional development of children and have observed that practicing skills on a regular basis boosts retention, promotes self esteem and prepares children for more advanced stroke instruction.

Program Fees
Your Child is Worth It! 

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