Survival Swim South of the River      

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Frequently Asked Questions

*  Will my child be traumatised by the program?  

Not at all.  Your child will gently be taken out of their comfort zone so they can learn breath control, swimming and floating but at no time will they be harmed in any way. 

* Will the program make my child hate swimming?

Quite the opposite.  Your child will learn real skills that will give them the confidence to explore the water and enjoy swim time. Some children go through a short transitional time where they may appear to develop an aversion to water, even at bath or shower time, but if you keep doing what you have always done, and try to ignore this behaviour as best you can, your child will quickly move out of this phase and love all time in water.

*  Why do we need to do more than one lesson a week?

Your child will quickly pick up the skills through regular practice and a lot of repetition.  By having lessons a few times a week, swimming and floating will more easily become natural skills for your child. 

* Why must my child swim on an empty tummy?

It is never a good idea to participate in water activities after eating. In the lessons, children also take in air and water. As their tummies fill up, they burp and food in the tummy could come up with the burp. We try to avoid this but, if it happens, it is no big deal. Children feel more comfortable after a good burp so we will take short breaks within the lessons to encourage your infant or child to burp.

* What happens when my child completes the course?

We strongly recommend that you keep your child in lessons once a week so they can maintain their skills and improve their swimming ability. There are group or private options. If this is not possible for any reason, a 10 day refresher course is recommended every 6 - 9 months. If your child ever needed to use the skills in an emergency, you would want them to be confident in those skills, not rusty.

* How should I swim with my child during and after the program?

Your instructor will invite you, and anyone who swims with your child, to join in a lesson once your child starts to grasp the skills. She will show you how best to swim with your child and the kinds of things to avoid.