Working in a children’s hospital, it saddens me every time I encounter a drowning or near-drowning. I consider such unfortunate incidences to be preventable, especially when children are equipped with the skills taught at Infant Aquatics, such as the swim-float-swim technique. The danger of drowning is universal and speaks all languages.

Beyond the peace of mind that swimming lessons provide, we have also enjoyed watching our son’s confidence and coordination grow as he has learned to control his little body in the water.

We feel fortunate to have encountered Stacy in her training, and we can wholeheartedly recommend her to any of her future students and families. She will no doubt be successful, and we wish her the best.  Jake Deines, MD (Orlando, Florida)

3 year old Raphi went from clingy but happy in the pool to independent, safe and very happy in just a few weeks.  A year later, she was working on Stage 3 stroke development.

Bethany & Jake Deine's son, Corbett, 14 months at the time - practicing his swimming and floating

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